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Herb Study Evening – January 2015

I’ve decided to write up the findings of each month’s herb tasting in blog form.  For those who don’t come along, I’ll just explain how the evening works.  Each month we choose a different herb and no-one knows the identity of it apart from myself and Heather.  To begin with we do some exercises to get into our bodies and out of our heads, we use a Chinese technique called Do-in, which is a combination of meridian stretching exercises, breathing exercises, chi exercises and self massage. Then we make a tea of the herb.  To begin with we just smell it and spend time experiencing that. Then we taste it, first as the tea and then as the tincture.

This month we studied a herb that when everyone found out what it was, they were surprised.  It is a well-known herb but it alluded everyone.

more to follow