“I came to see Helen because I was suffering from long term asthma and bronchial cough. I found her manner immediately calming, she is a good listener and an empathic healer. She provided me with two medicines, one daily dose and one emergency reliever for my asthma symptoms. I still keep the latter handy and it always helps. Helen is a kind and caring practitioner who I would never hesitate to recommend.”

“Being treated with herbs for my gall bladder problem, I have regained huge trust in herbs, when before I felt uncertain . . . I’ve also had first hand experience of how western medicine is uncaring and only up for the quick fix scenario, not thinking or caring about why a problem occurred at all. . . You have helped me to take charge of my gall bladder problem and to make positive changes in my life. Thank you Helen”

“I have found the use of herbal medicine incredibly powerful. As a holistic treatment it has played a vital role in healing my emotional and physical self, subtly drawing to attention what needs to be acknowledged and let go of. In part through the consultation stages, as well as in the use of the herbs themselves. A master of her craft, Helen’s care has been instrumental in my healing process”.

“I have used herbal medicine for a variety of reasons for over 10 years and will continue to do so. I have recently become a mother and will be using herbal medicine to treat my daughter if and when she should need it.
I recommend the use of herbal medicine to friends and family all the time as I have experienced some amazing, far reaching and positive benefits from my using it. In my experience under a skilled Herbalist such as Helen,  herbal medicine perfectly balances the both gentle and more powerful forces to affect the necessary change in your body.
Importantly and perhaps above all, this form of medicine is a holistic one which means that it seeks to identify and then target the root causes of problems and involves you the patient in this process. This approach is empowering, enriching and best of all it works!”


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