Helens_Logo_FINAL_prepped2Do you want help getting your health back on track?

Herbal medicine could be just what you are looking for.

Call:  07832 223 960  Email:  helentheherb@gmail.com

Consultations available in Bristol (Montpelier),

Yorkshire (Bradford/Shipley, Leeds & Otley) or via telephone/Skype.

I have been practicing herbal medicine for over 10 years, since graduating with a first class honours degree in BSc Herbal Medicine from the University of Central Lancashire.

After completing my first degree in languages I set about trying to live a life that I had always thought that I should.  However, working in the commercial sector, meeting targets and being on the capitalist treadmill left me feeling tired and disillusioned.  I became ill with repeated urinary tract infections that proved resistant to antibiotics.  The infection traveled into my kidneys and as a last resort I tried a herbalist.  Within a week, I felt better than I had done in years.  I became fascinated by how herbs could bring such a drastic change to my life and this set me onto a new life direction.  I was soon full of excitement at my amazing discoveries of the potential of herbs to heal the human body but slightly intimidated when I realised that if I wanted to do this for a job I would need to study again and study a science degree.  But I felt I had nothing to lose and something told me this was the right move.  I packed in my job and started on this path which I now feel so fully connected to.  I trained to the highest standard, ensuring that I could bring herbal medicine to people in a safe and beneficial way.  Today, I am happy to say that I regularly think to myself  “I love my job”.

I am proud to be a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, which is over 150 years old.  Being a member means that I am obliged to take part in continuing professional development; making my practice fresh, relevant and safe.

Member of The National Institute of Medical Herbalists

helen sunflowers

The range of ailments that herbs can help with is immense, have a look at the HERBAL MEDICINE page for a comprehensive list. Herbs work with the human body to improve natural functions and restore balance.

In order to fully benefit from the power of herbs, I recommend booking in for a consultation where we can really look at how your body is working, and how herbs can help it to work better. This can be done face-to-face or over the telephone/skype.  Check out the CONSULTATIONS page for more information.  I offer this on a sliding scale, making it as affordable as I can.

Other activities:

Herb Walks:
I want people to feel empowered about using herbs by themselves, so I take groups and individuals on herbal walks, to identify herbs and share the teachings from the plants.


I run courses and practical workshops in Yorkshire and in Bristol. Here you can learn about the practice and theory of herbal medicine & how to make your own medicines safely and cheaply. See the EVENTS page for details of upcoming workshops and reviews of what we’ve got up to.  I’m also available to be booked for talks or walks for local groups.


Herb Study Evenings:

The perfect way to start to get to know herbs and also very enjoyable for the experienced herb-lover.  Once a month, I run this experiential herb evening.  See the EVENTS page for more info.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. Jim Flood

    Hello Helen
    What I am really looking for is advice. I have a number of serious conditions and therefore quite a lot of medication. I have a little list of about half a dozen herbs that seem to be appropriate to what I have, and what I need is advice on (i) their suitability and (ii) whether they would affect my other medication. I am quite happy with your consultation format and the fee.
    Jim Flood


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